15-Minute Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Weeknight Dinner Ideas for Hungry Families with busy moms! We are sure someone, somewhere, has already researched the most commonly eaten dinners.

We are also certain the prevailing answers included leftovers, takeout, or for the luckiest ones, meal prep. If all of the above have been on your menu for a while too, and you’re desperately looking for weeknight dinner ideas for your family, look no more – we’ve got you covered.

These Weeknight dinner ideas are your golden ticket for delicious, healthy, and quick-to-make meals. Forget takeout and junk food, these easy dinner recipes are literal life-saviors.

Not only super delicious, but these 15-minute Weeknight Dinner Ideas are healthy, nutritious, and great for your kids and family!

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Everyone needs easy dinner recipes on hand for busy weeknights when you either don’t have the time or the will to cook something complicated.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of several ideas that are not only simple to make but also take less than 20 minutes. This means that with minimal effort, you can have a healthy meal to end the day and go to bed satisfied and with a clear conscience. 

Vegetarian Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Spicy Mediterranean Bowls

Maybe you want something fresh with a very short cooking time as one of your weeknight dinner ideas? No problem, this spicy Mediterranean bowl covers this need. The only thing you’ll need to cook is the chickpeas, for five minutes, the rest is just cutting up fresh ingredients and mixing them in a bowl. If you have a little more time on hand, you can prepare your own hummus too, but storebought would work on those busy weeknights just as well. 

Quinoa Basil Risotto

Dare we suggest a risotto as one of our easy dinner recipes? I absolutely do, because it’s actually quinoa risotto that is indeed easy, and quick to make too! Get some tomatoes, zucchini, basil, and garlic. Of course, you can’t forget the cheese, both mozzarella, and parmesan. If you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, you can skip them and still enjoy this one of my weeknight dinner ideas. You’ll see, it’s just as satisfying as your regular risotto, but a lot less complex and incredibly fresh.

Chicken Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Egg Roll In A Bowl

The first of my weeknight dinner ideas exists to satisfy your takeout cravings. If you were thinking of egg rolls but the idea of rolling them perfectly gave you a headache, this is also suitable for you. My suggestion is for a deconstructed version that features chicken, vegetables, and sprinkled sesame seeds. You need 10 minutes of preparation and 10 more to cook. The result is one of the most flavorful easy dinner recipes ever!

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10-Minute Cannellini And Chicken

We firmly believe the secret to all easy dinner recipes is simple yet filling ingredients. See here, the next from my weeknight dinner ideas includes both chicken and beans, providers of protein, and the beans of fiber too, that will make you satiated and help you forget snack cravings late at night. Combined with some spices and onion, this tasty mixture can be eaten with a salad or hummus and if you have some left, even enjoyed for lunch the next day. 

15-Minute Garlic Chicken With Beans

We are bringing up the holy combination of chicken with legumes again, and beware, I’ll do it one more time by the end of this list with easy dinner recipes. This time, I suggest you get some chicken breast and two types of beans, green and black. Alongside some spices and an amazing sauce, you can create a delicious filling for a burrito, a side for rice, or even a great companion for your favorite salad. 

Avocado Chicken Salad – The simple Weeknight Dinner Idea

How does chicken, avocado, eggs, and fresh vegetables sound as one of the weeknight dinner ideas? Worthy, I’d say. You can skip or replace some of the ingredients, don’t let your emptying mid-week fridge stop you from having this light and appetizing dinner. The best thing about this salad is that if you have some cooked leftover chicken, you can assemble it in 10 minutes. If not, tough luck, cook some and then bring all the delicious ingredients together in your favorite bowl. 

Spicy Chicken With Chickpeas

I keep my promises, here’s more chicken with beans for my weeknight dinner ideas. This time the beans are actually chickpeas, another great source of fiber and protein. Combine both in a pan with herbs, spices, and garlic, and cook for less than 15 minutes! Then you can enjoy it with a salad, alongside hummus, or even turn it into a quesadilla. You can use the delicious mixture in fried rice too, both the actual grain and with cauliflower one if you want to be healthier.

Shrimp Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Shrimp And Calamari In Garlicky Sauce

You know you should eat seafood regularly to get those omega-3 fatty acids, right? See the following from my weeknight dinner ideas if you skipped your fish of the week. My suggestion is to get some calamari and shrimp and throw them in a skillet with tomatoes, basil, and plenty of garlic. The result is this mouth-watering meal that has no gluten and is low in carbs too. If you’ve never tried seafood in tomato sauce, this is your chance to fall in culinary love! 

Avocado Shrimp Salad 

Here’s another one of my weeknight dinner ideas that’s low in carbs, has no gluten, but is bursting with flavors. You’ll need shrimp, avocado, cherry tomatoes, olives, onion, and radishes. You can envision how this is one creamy but also crunchy combination already, right? There are some nice spices, garlic is hidden somewhere in the mix too, and just five minutes are required to put it all together. 

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Groundbeef Weeknight Dinner Ideas

15-Minute Ground Beef And Mushrooms

What’s better than delicious weeknight dinner ideas? Only the ones that combine taste and a few dishes to wash afterward. You’ll need a single pan to prepare the following of my suggestions. In it, put ground beef, mushrooms, zucchini, and some herbs, and spices. Cook until ready, which will be in around 10 minutes, and enjoy! You can increase the healthiness by adding some leafy greens or carrots and peppers. This recipe will be great if you spice it up a bit too.

Healthy Dessert

How about a healthy raspberry cake to celebrate the healthy dinner? Not too sweet and full with fiber an protein, a raspberry cake is a great way to call it a night.

Happy Dinning!

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