The 20 Most Popular Spring Activities

Wondering about the most popular spring activities for kids and families, you could enjoy this year? Here, we share the 20 most popular spring activities, so look no further.

Our list of 20 fresh ideas for spring family activities provides you with diverse options to keep your loved ones entertained on weekends or days off. With this variety, boredom won’t stand a chance, and some activities may even leave your family clamoring for more fun in the sun.

The 20 most popular Spring Activities3

So, if you ask:

Can you list some activities you do in the spring season near me?

Here is our list of the 20 most popular spring activities:

20. Gardening

19. Spring cleaning

18. Visiting a local farm for strawberry picking

17. Go on a nature hike

16. Long bike ride

15. Attend a local outdoor festival, outdoor concert or fair

14. Camp in nature or in your yard

13. Visit a botanical garden

12. Make birdhouses or bird feeders together

11. Visit a local farmer’s market or food festival

10. Zoo or an animal farm

9. Having a family movie night under the stars

8. Create A Fairy Garden

7. Feed The Ducks

6. Going on a family road trip to explore new destinations

5. Take Photos In Nature

4. Go Bird Watching

3. Going fishing or boating at a nearby lake or pond

2. Walk in the Park

1. Picnic

The 20 most popular Spring Activities3

What to do in the springtime? the 20 most popular spring activities

20. Gardening

What better spring family activities than gardening together? You can have the kids help in growing their favorite vegetables – from digging to planting, watering, and finally harvesting. If you don’t have a spacious yard, you can plant herbs and spices, or different flowers.

Planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs in a garden or pot allows the whole family to connect with nature and enjoy the rewards of their efforts throughout the season.

It’s the shared gardening that counts, not the end product! This will help kids see the whole process it takes to bring food to their plates too.


19. Spring Cleaning

While not as leisurely as other activities spring cleaning makes it on our list of 20 most popular spring activities for a good reason. Nothing brings a family together than cleaning up. Try to use the arrival of spring as an opportunity to declutter, organize, and freshen up your homes. Everybody will enjoy a fresher and updated home and make some more space for themselves.

18. Visiting a local farm for strawberry picking

If your children aren’t patient enough to wait for things to grow, then take them berry picking as one of your spring family activities. Similarly to apple picking in the fall, you can find many places that offer you to get strawberries, blueberries, or any other delicious fruit in season. 

The people with more self-control, who don’t eat their harvest right away, can later prepare yummy desserts together, securing additional family activities for spring.

17. Go On A Nature Hike

Looking for more calorie-burning spring family activities? Go for a hike! If your children are a little more grown up, you can pick a challenging trail and get the whole family sweating nicely. 

But if you’ve got toddlers or kids who aren’t into walking for longer distances, you can still enjoy this activity. Prepare water, bring some snacks, and pick a route that will be manageable for all involved.

16. Long Bike Ride

Riding a bike can be one of the most fun spring family activities. If you’re thinking you can’t because not every family member has one, then simply rent some. Spring may be the best season to teach those who can’t ride that well. Taking a bike ride along scenic routes or through parks is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and get some exercise.


15. Attend A Local Outdoor Festival, Concert Or Fair

There are so many festivals and outdoor events, that you simply must include them in your spring family activities. From festivals related to blossoming trees to dog exhibitions in parks, once it warms up, plenty of fun events start popping out like mushrooms.

You can look up things happening near you and take your children to the ones that are most related to their interests. There they can practice their social skills while gaining new experience and knowledge.

14. Camp In Nature Or In Your Yard

Camping can also be one of the spring family activities to try once it’s stopped raining and the ground is warm enough. You can pack up your gear and find a good spot to enjoy nature together.

If you don’t have the time to travel somewhere, camp out in your backyard! This way you’ll be ensuring fun times for your children outside while allowing them comforts like running water or an indoor toilet.

13. Visit A Botanical Garden

What better way to celebrate spring than to bask in floral beauty? One of the best spring family activities is going to a botanical garden. If your children are a little older, they can benefit from learning new facts and interesting information about flowers.

For toddlers and kids who love animals, another suggestion would be a butterfly exhibit. There they can see many interesting species and get to know them better.

12. Make Birdhouses Or Bird Feeders Together

Bring yourself and your children closer to the animal kingdom with this one from the spring family activities. You can always buy a birdhouse or feeder if things don’t work out, but spending time crafting them will surely be a lot of fun.

And more than rewarding, when you see the little birdies using your creation later! Take a look at what birds reside around you and build homes to suit them.

11. Visit A Local Farmer’s Market Or Food Festival

After a long slumber, nature wakes up and offers an abundance of fresh food. To celebrate that, you can make one of your spring family activities to visit farmer markets or food festivals. At markets, you can purchase in-season vegetables and fruit and cook a delicious meal afterward.

If you want to enjoy the food immediately, look for festivals that offer different dishes and take your family to try new cuisines or savor established favorites.

10. Go To The Zoo Or To An Animal Farm

Everyone loves animals, from kids to elders! That’s why this one of the spring family activities is almost sure to be enjoyed by the whole gang. Take your family to the zoo or an animal farm, depending on their animal preferences.

If you pick a kid-friendly farm, the children will even be allowed to interact with the residents and create fun memories. Every visit to such animal facilities strengthens the bond of the whole family with the residents. 

9. Have A Family Outdoor Movie Night

You’ve likely seen all the possible family-friendly movies during winter, right? There’s still plenty to watch, though, and you can always re-watch Frozen again. But to make this more in-season, organize a movie night outside, in the comfort of your yard. 

This is among the spring family activities that are possible when the weather is finally warm enough to spend evenings without your thick coat on.

8. Create A Fairy Garden – The 20 most popular spring activities

Planting a vegetable or flower garden is fun, but have you considered creating a fairy garden as one of the family activities for spring? If you’re not familiar, you need a small container or space near a tree where you put miniature plants and decorations. The purpose, of course, is to create a space for the fairies to live.

Fairy gardens are an amazing way to stir childrens’ imagination and bring them closer to nature at the same time. You can even make up stories to enhance the experience.

7. Feed The Ducks – The 20 most popular spring activities

Buy some seeds, take the kids, and go to the nearest pond or river where ducks reside. It’s impossible to not find some, be it in a park or a creak nearby, and they’ll surely be appreciative of the seeds you’ve brought. 

You can relax while your children are feeding the ducks and capture some fun moments. Just watch that they don’t get too close to the water, or better prepare with extra clothes beforehand, just in case. 

6. Organize A Road Trip

I think spring is the best time for a road trip. It’s not too warm yet, so you won’t be boiling in the car, and there are plenty of natural sights to witness while traveling. You can pick a special destination to end your trip or simply get some snacks and enjoy a picturesque road for a while. 

This is one of the family activities for spring that can be enjoyed both on sunny days and on more cloudy ones, as a way to get out of the house, but still not be in the cold.

5. Take Photos In Nature

Gather the whole family for fun photoshoots in nature. You can customize this one of the spring family activities – hire a professional photographer to capture you and your kids in the park, take photos of nature, or have each family member photograph another.

4. Go Bird Watching 

On the list of peaceful spring family activities bird watching secures a leading position. You can watch the birds in your yard explore the house or feeder you built for them, or better, take the family to look for birds in the wilderness. If you don’t have a forest near you, that’s okay, you can still see plenty of birds in your local park.

Research what type of feathered friends reside around you and prepare interesting information about them to impress your children and spouse.

3. Going fishing or boating at a nearby lake or pond

Enjoy a tranquil day of fishing or boating at a nearby lake or pond. Cast your line into the water or paddle around, soaking in the serene surroundings and bonding with loved ones amidst nature’s beauty.

Go Fishing or boating

2. Walk in the Park

One of the 20 most popular spring activities is of course how the old song goes a walk in the park. Take a stroll in the park and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature. Enjoy the fresh air, lush greenery, and blooming flowers as you meander along winding paths. Whether you’re alone for a peaceful moment of reflection or with loved ones for quality time together, a walk in the park offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What is the most popular spring activity of our 20 most popular spring activities?

1. Picnics

Enjoying a meal outdoors in a park, garden, or backyard is a favorite springtime pastime for many families and friends. Have A Picnic Lunch or Dinner! Preparing your favorite recipes together can be a great family bonding activity. After the nice lunch, play some fun games in the park or your yard. You can fly a kite, play frisbee, or kick or throw a ball.

Happy Springtime! Having a preschooler at home? You might want to try also some fun outdoor activities, your preschooler will love.

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