Healthy Sweet Snacks For Kids

Healthy sweet snacks for your kids? Sweet and healthy usually don’t go well together, but it’s possible to offer your kids both at the same time. 

Here are 20 super easy healthy sweet snacks for kids, you could offer your little one every day.

Healthy Sweet Snacks for Kids27

Kids are often too full of energy, so sugary snacks can cause unpleasant overexcitement, which parents usually try to avoid. Besides, we already know how bad sugar is for our health and even more so for kids’ young and still-growing bodies. 

So, try to keep chocolates and cakes as unavoidable bads on some special occasions, and try our kid-friendly sweet snack ideas. Most recipes are quick and easy to prepare and will satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth while at the same time providing nutritional benefits for them.

Some of these kid-approved snacks could be choking hazards if served to very young children, so please always consult a pediatrician before offering them to your child.  

Check out these kid-friendly snack ideas and recipes below. Most rely primarily on fruit for sweetness, making them a healthy addition to your kid’s diet. 

What is the healthiest sweet snack?

Fruit, of course

Kid-approved healthy sweet snacks parents love for two reasons – easy to serve and beneficial for little ones. 


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries – kids usually love all berries for their beautiful colors. These tiny fruits are big on flavor. They’re also very healthy for little ones, as they are high in vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants which protect the cells from the damage of free radicals. 

Make sure you squish or halve blueberries when serving to very young kids. 


You know the saying about apples and doctors, right? It’s true. Apples are a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and various antioxidants.

In addition, they have a good amount of fiber which helps keep blood sugar levels under control. This is important for kids who start tantrums whenever they are hungry.

But what kids love about this healthy snack is the sweet flavor and the crunch. Make sure to slice the apples thin if given to toddlers and babies under 2. 


Bananas are the perfect picky-eater snack because of their soft texture and sweet flavor. They are also healthy, as they are a good source of potassium, vitamins B6 and C, and fiber. 


    Like all citrus fruits, tangerines are an absolute nutritional powerhouse. High in vitamins C and A, they are great for your little one’s immune system and eye health. 

    They are easy to serve as most toddlers can eat tangerines by themselves but cut them into bite-sized pieces if serving to babies under one.

    Seedless grapes

      Whoever invented seedless grapes was a genius! Besides, this healthy fruit can be so sweet sometimes that your kid will never think of chocolate again. 

      Grapes are healthy, too, as they contain many vitamins and minerals. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and K, and various antioxidants make up their nutritional profile. 

      Whole grapes can be a severe choking hazard, so slice them lengthwise when serving to kids under 4. 


        Watermelon contains mostly water, making it perfect for kids who are not big fans of the clear liquid. It’s sweet, crunchy, and has a lot of vitamin C, so it’s one of the best fruits to serve your child in the summer. 


          These sunny and yummy summer fruits are rich in vitamins C and A, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. If ripe, peaches are very soft, which makes them suitable even for babies. 

          Just cut them into pieces, or pair them with some yogurt if you’d like to make the snack even more nutritious.


            As with the other fruits on this list, pears are rich in many vitamins and minerals. However, their most important benefit is the high fiber content essential for a healthy diet and regular bowel movements. 


              High in vitamins C and B6, copper, folate, and other minerals, mangoes are sweet, juicy, and easy to eat on their own or in smoothies. 

              Peanut Butter Toast with Bananas and Other Fruit 

              Take this classic combo to the next level of healthy eating by substituting fresh fruit for jelly. This way, you’ll avoid the sugar rush kids can quickly get. 

              At the same time, as mentioned above, fruit provides many nutritional benefits. Bananas and berries work great together. Apples also pair wonderfully with peanut butter. Using whole-grain toast will keep your little sunshine full for longer because of the extra fiber. 

              What are Other quick, Healthy sweet snacks for kids?

              Apple Muffins

              You can prepare these easy apple muffins with regular flour or oats for a healthier breakfast or snack. Apples provide sweetness and make them deliciously moist. Add some cinnamon, and your kitchen will smell amazing. 

              The best thing about them – is they only take about 20 minutes to bake. They are guaranteed toddler-approved, but older kids will also enjoy them. 

              Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

              A banana, an egg, oats, yogurt, and cinnamon are all the ingredients you’ll need for this 10-minute wholesome snack even picky eaters couldn’t resist. Bear in mind that the riper the banana, the sweeter the flavor but use whatever you got on hand. 

              Perfect for breakfast or for snacking on the go – it’s mess-free, healthy, and kid-friendly. 

              Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins – Healthy Sweet Snacks for Kids

              Here are some more kid-friendly healthy sweet snacks you’ll feel good about giving to your kids. Coconut sugar and oatmeal make these blueberry muffins healthier than the usual recipe without compromising the taste. Kids will never know the difference.

              They take about 30 minutes to make from scratch. However, if you have the time and patience to clean afterward, you can do a joint baking session with your toddler. Nothing piques their interest in healthy eating and homemade food as helping mom in the kitchen. 

              Oatmeal Apple Cake

              It’s perfect for eating for breakfast or on the go. Wait a minute? A cake for breakfast?

              This one is super easy, kid-friendly, one of the best healthy sweet snacks. It can be made in advance, so it’s perfect for meal prep. 

              The main ingredients you will need are oats, an apple, yogurt, and eggs. All of them are good, wholesome foods suitable for every age. 

              This kid-friendly recipe takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. A piece of (apple) cake! 

              Blueberry Oat Cookies – Healthy Sweet Snacks for Kids

              Ready for some more healthy sweet snacks? All kids love cookies. Most moms and dads do as well. However, sugar is the least of your worries in store-bought varieties, so give this healthy option with blueberries and oats a try. 

              If you’re wondering why most recipes on this kid-friendly list of snacks include oats, the answer is simple. Oats are super healthy and affordable! They contain beta-glucan, which is beneficial for digestive health and the immune system. 

              For these cookies, you’ll also need an egg, blueberries, butter, dark brown sugar, and some other baking essentials. If you use coconut oil, they’ll be dairy-free. 

              It’s a healthy snack for the whole family that will be toddler-approved from the first bite. 

              Strawberry Banana Smoothie 

              This drink is quick and healthy, and kids will love its smoothness. Make sure to use fresh fruit, as frozen can be too cold for kids. However, this recipe can be a healthy substitute for ice cream if you’re doing it in the summer with frozen fruit. Serve in a bowl and enjoy with a spoon. 

              Or pour it into little ice cream molds and put them in the freezer to settle. This way, you can tell your kids they’re having real ice cream while at the same time serving them a much healthier alternative. But, of course, it needs to be done in advance if frozen, so some time planning is required. However, it’s one of the easiest healthy sweet snacks for kids.

              Easy Rice Pudding Recipe

              With this recipe, you’re only 7 minutes away from the creamiest rice pudding! This quick breakfast uses leftover rice and is sugar-free, which makes it kid-friendly. Good, that we can turn some leftovers into healthy sweet snacks for kids!

              Top it with cinnamon and fresh fruit for extra flavor and goodness. Just use whatever is in season: fruits and veggies are healthier when it’s their time of the year. 

              Banana Smoothie

              Bananas and yogurt – this smoothie is as simple as that. Just blitz them together, and you’re all done. Kids will love the sweetness, and yogurt provides many benefits for the digestive tract due to the presence of good bacteria in it. 

              You get bonus points if you use up any bananas that have started to go bad in the fruit bowl. This way, you’ll make this healthy kid-friendly snack even sweeter!

              Banana Muffins 

              You’ll need similar ingredients for these banana muffins (banana, oats (again!), egg, etc.), but the different one here is almond butter! This recipe gets extra healthy points for this addition. 

              These take a bit longer than most snacks on this list – around 40 minutes. However, they’re perfect for meal prep, and the aroma could seduce even the most stubborn little picky eater!

              The muffins have a crumble-like topping, but you can skip it if you’re making them for a toddler. Or if you’re in a hurry which you probably are if you have a toddler. They will be the perfect healthy sweet snack or breakfast for any kid and parent.

              Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

              Peanut Butter Cups – How to make them healthy?! Easier than you think! With just three simple ingredients, this recipe requires no baking, making it an effortless delight for everyone. What’s more, it offers a rich and unexpectedly fresh flavor that will have both kids and adults coming back for more. Get ready to try the best peanut butter cups! They are not only easy to make, but also healthy and taste irresistible!

              One Bowl raspberry cake recipe

              Try these healthy sweet snacks for kids recipes if you’re looking for easy and wholesome ideas to feed your little ones! And also try our 15-minute Family Dinner Recipes when you are done with snacking!

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